When It’s Open

May – Sept



The recently renovated club is classified as a sophisticated open-air nightclub in a jungle-like setting. The remodeling is the greatest the club has undergone, with the most evident change being the relocation of the DJ booth, with its flamboyant look and projections, whilst connecting the crowd with the music in a much better manner. An ideal venue to enhance your weekends, to let go, and to experience the ultimate clubbing atmosphere.


The iconic club has also been given a more prominent and comfortable VIP area, with an elevated section and VIP sofas available by booking.

An Iconic Look & Vibe

It’s a gorgeous place to dance under the stars, surrounded by an abundance of trees and lavish landscaping, but above all that a flamboyant stage, with a powerful Martin Audio sound system, complemented by unique lighting setup.

Good Times Await

Walk through the gates, leave it all behind and get ready for moments you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.