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Gianpula Main Room ranked ’30th Best Club In The World’

Gianpula Main Room

‘Gianpula Main Room’, was recently nominated for ‘The World’s 100 Best Clubs’ by ‘International Nightlife Association’ along with hundreds of other popular clubs around the globe.

It’s now official that ‘Gianpula Main Room’ is not only Malta’s best club. It is also the 30th best club in the world!

The Managing Director, Matthew De Giorgio said, “I’m thrilled to see that we have gained 32 positions in the international ranking since 2019, especially after being closed for 2 years. I would like to thank the team who work hard to make Malta’s Nightlife Destination what it is today. We would like to say thanks to the clubbers who voted for us all around the world and to the people who visit us every single week! We will continue to invest and upgrade Gianpula Main Room along with our other incredible clubs at Gianpula Village.”

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